The BFP Diamond Service Pump

Monday, May 17, 2021

Danfoss' BFP Diamond service series offers maximum flexibility in the selection of functions and connections. It is therefore ideally suited as a replacement pump and can replace both Danfoss OEM pumps and the types of other manufacturers.

In recent years, the application conditions for oil burners have increasingly changed. They work under higher pressure and are more insulated, partly to reduce noise pollution, but also to save energy. However, this leads to difficult operating conditions for the pumps.

The BFP service oil pump of the Diamond series is equipped inside with modern Diamond-Like Carbon technology (DLC), a diamond-like carbon coating. This technology improves the lubrication effect between the pump housing and the shaft, providing maximum wear resistance and optimum durability, even under extreme conditions:

    • The pump shaft is equipped with DLC technology (Diamond-Like Carbon), which combines the properties of diamond hardness and carbon lubricity
    • Extremely durable diamond coil that has undergone crash testing under the toughest conditions (such as temperature shocks) and has passed five times as many test cycles as previous service coils
    • Compatible with over 90% of common burners
    • With the Danfoss cartridge filter – clean filter change in just 45 seconds (BIO-READY)

Furthermore, the Danfoss pump program also includes the RSA pump for medium to larger oil burners. Thus, a program is offered that provides the market with oil burner pumps from small to large capacities.

All Danfoss oil pumps meet the relevant DIN, EN or ISO standards in terms of dimensions and safety functions when installed on or in the pump.

Only one tool is required for any adjustment or service work on the BFP pump. Thus, all plugs and necessary screws for a 4 mm Allen wrench are provided.