Danfoss nozzles for use in burning HVO – a statement to the market

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Danfoss nozzles for use in burning HVO – a statement to the market.

Danfoss have for a long period of time been working with many oil burner and biofuel manufacturers across Europe, testing and developing our new biofuel products before we released them to the market to ensure they perform at an optimum level with accurate levels of output and emission readings at various pressures. These output figures have been proven and confirmed to be correct by KIWA, a global independent test house.

From these tests and with our extensive knowledge of over 75 years manufacturing market leading nozzles, we have introduced a range of HVO specific oil nozzles tested and calibrated for the burning of EN 15940 standard HVO oil. Datasheets for the nozzles can be found on our website.

EN 15940 is a PAS standard that ensures a high level of quality HVO being supplied with very tight tolerances to enable HVO burners to burn as clean as possible, also helping our industry to achieve the objective of Net Zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Danfoss HVO nozzles have not been tested for use on systems that apply any other blends or qualities of HVO with a different level of viscosity that may result in producing very different combustion results and may potentially harm the system or cause unusual emission readings.

Therefore, Danfoss will not be held responsible for any damage to any equipment, buildings or combustion readings on applications using any HVO fuels other than that manufactured to the EN 15940 standard.

Danfoss will be continuing to work with the industry to introduce components for this new biofuel to help safeguard the future of oil heating in the UK and Ireland and would like to thank all manufacturers and installers in working together towards achieving our Net Zero targets.

For more information on the HVO standard mentioned above, please refer to the OFTEC HVO handbook available on their website.

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Stephen McElroy, Key Account Manager & Stefan Spornberger, Senior Quality & Application Manager Product Management Oil Heating