Danfoss Eco

Danfoss EcoTM is a triple award winning stand-alone electronic radiator thermostat that provides smartphone control via by Bluetooth (10 m range). You don't need any central controller, just a smartphone and a thermostat. Danfoss Eco™ is battery powered, compact and easy to operate with a manual hand wheel and single button. Easy to install in just 30 seconds and fits 90% of all radiator valves. Features: weekly scheduling, vacation planning, open window detection, valve exercise. Up to 30% energy savings and only 1 min. reaction time. Learn more here

Our most popular product codes

Sensor setting temperature [°C] [Max]
Sensor type
Sensor media
Connection type to valve
Sensor setting temperature [°C] [Min]
Test pressure [bar]
Connection size out
Kvs values [m³/h]
Differential pressure range [bar] [Max]
Dimension standard
Working pressure [bar] [Max]
Connection size in
Flow temperature [°C] [Max]
Contents of set
Temperature [°C] [Min]
Temperature [°C] [Max]
Capillary tube length [m] [Max]
Capillary tube length
Packaging type
Valve type
Sensor design
Kv value at setting N [m³/h]
Kv value at setting 2 [m³/h]
Kv measuring range
Kv value at setting 3 [m³/h]
Kv value at setting 1 [m³/h]
Kv value at setting 4 [m³/h]
Supply voltage [V]
Valve excercise
Temperature set-back button
Supply batteries
Temperature control
Away input
Temperature limitation
Dual mode
Capacitive touch
Adaptive learning
IP protection class
Actuator on radiator
Wireless transmission [m] [Max]
Fits into switch frames
Noiseless switching
Floor sensor enabled
Cooling input
Temperature setting range [°C] [Max]
Transmission frequency [MHz]
Temperature setting range [°C] [Min]
Thermal feedback
Transport temperature [°C] [Max]
Battery lifetime [Years]
Transport temperature [°C] [Min]
Actuator type
Safety classification
Software class
Thermostat IP Class
Power consumption [W]
Ambient temperature [°C] [Max]
Temperature measurement interval
Display type
Water temperature [°C] [Max]
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min]
Transmission frequency [GHz]
Low battery indicator
Power consumption (standby) [mW]
Transmission power [mW] [Max]
Regulation type
Storage temperature [°C] [Min]
Width [mm]
Sensor definition point [Ohm/°C]
Sensor failure monitoring
Product name
DIN mounting
Package height [mm]
Standby power consumption [W] [Max]
Warranty [Year]
Supply voltage range [V] AC [Max]
Certification company
Ball presure test temperature [°C]
Supply voltage range [V] AC [Min]
Display (Yes/No)
Relay switch
Terminal cable size max [mm²]
Transmission [m] [Max]
Battery backup
Package width [mm]
Package depth [mm]
Storage temperature [°C] [Max]
Supply voltage range [V] AC
Height [mm]
Inductive load
2-pole switch
Indicator type
Compatible frame system
Depth [mm]
Resistive load max [A]
Element IP Class
Pollution degree
Battery qty
Supply voltage range [V] DC
Battery type
Boiler relay
Pump relay
Number of outputs [pc]
RAS-C2, IF (D-EG) 013G6041
White RAL 9016
28 °C
Built-in sensor
8 °C
RA-FN 15 V.RE 013G3227
16 bar
R 1/2
0.90 m3/h
0.60 bar
10 bar
Rp 1/2
120 °C
VHX/RAX straight monop. 2-pipe RAL9016 013G4284
White RAL 9016
G 1/2 A
G 1/2
Straight, single connection
VHX/RAX straight monop. 2-pipe Cr.plated 013G4282
G 1/2 A
G 1/2
Straight, single connection
VHX/RAX straight 2-pipe RAL9016 013G4278
White RAL 9016
G 1/2 A
G 1/2
Straight, dual 50 mm connectio
VHX/RAX straight 2-pipe Cr.plated 013G4276
G 1/2 A
G 1/2
Straight, dual 50 mm connectio

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