Say hello to the RAS-B2

Friday, July 30, 2021

It is a well-known fact that heating systems with little, or poor, hydronic balance use significantly more energy. It is for this reason that Danfoss are pleased to bring you an innovative CEN approved TRV.

In contrast to other TRVs which only act as flow limiters, the innovative design of the Danfoss RAS-B2 features a differential pressure controller that ensures all radiators throughout the home get the heat they need throughout the year regardless of whether it is spring, autumn or winter.

Additionally, pre-setting of the desired flow is done on the valve rather than on the lockshield. Something which, it is estimated, could save installers up to two hours of valuable working time.

To make life even easier the time-saving RAS-B2 valve is featured on the Danfoss Installer App which allows installers to calculate, record and document the correct flow and subsequent setting for each radiator on their smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to this innovative product heating installers can now ensure the system is correctly balanced in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Danfoss RAS B2 Radiator 1

Features and benefits


  • Even heat distribution increases comfort


  • Energy consumption is lowered, reducing costs


  • Condensing boilers run in condensing mode more often


  • Lower risk of noise results in fewer callbacks

Say hello to the RAS-B2

The 2-in-1 temperature control and automatic balancing valve

Installer App Benefits (1)
Installer App - always by your side

The installer app is a great help no matter whether you’re working on residential or commercial projects. It is constantly updated, so you can be sure that the information provided is always up to date.

1 app – lots of great tools

The Danfoss installer app has been developed to assist you throughout the working day with useful tools and product information.

So, no matter whether you are calculating flow pressure, balancing radiators, finding the right replacement for a radiator thermostat or decoding error codes with the Burner scanner, the app will help you within few seconds.

RAS B2 Inner Workings Video Still
The RAS-B2 has a 2-in-1 design that combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a hydronic balancing valve in a single product. Watch this video to see the inner workings of the dynamic valve.

Danfoss RAS-B2 - The simple solution to efficient heating

RAS B2 Animation Video Still
A whiteboard animation explaining what hydronic balancing is and how the Ras-B2 makes balancing a heating system that much simpler.

Ras-B2 – More comfort and reduced energy costs via hydronic balanced heating systems

Installer App Pre Set Video Still
A walk-through the “radiator pre-setting” function on the Installer App shows how simple it is to balance a radiator using the right tools.

Balancing a radiator using the Danfoss Installer App

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