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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
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1 app – lots of great tools

The Danfoss installer app has been developed to assist you throughout the working day with useful tools and product information.

So, no matter whether you are calculating flow pressure, balancing radiators, finding the right replacement for a radiator thermostat or decoding error codes with the Burner scanner, the app will help you within few seconds.

Installer App Benefits (1)

How the app makes your life easier

The installer app is a great help no matter whether you’re working on residential or commercial projects. It is constantly updated, so you can be sure that the information provided is always up to date.


Tools & elements

My Projects
Create a list of your clients & jobs, save contact and building information, calculate system properties and presets for radiator and underfloor heating. You can now save all information for easy overview and fast access.

Flow/Pressure calculator
Flow/Pressure calculator Calculate, convert or verify pressure, flow, power, temperature (values or units).

Radiator and floor heating presetting
Set proper values based on valve, sensor and radiator or manifold type. Or set proper values by room size and heat loss. Get heat emission, flow and presetting right every time.

TRV Sensor Replacement
Find your TRV replacement in a matter of seconds: based on mount type technique (wrench, allen key or click), choose from a list of compatible products for the sensor you want to replace. With additional installation hints on valves size and temperature setting range.

Timer Replacement
Select the appropriate timer replacement for a Danfoss or third-party unit. Installation guides are available as well.

TRV Comparison
Select up to 3 products and get a clear overview of the main features helping you choose the right one for your job.

Balancing tool
Ensure correct heat output of the system with flow calculation; based on valve type, handle setting of the valve and measured pressure.

Burner Error Scanner
Scan error codes on the burner control box and get instant help and information.
The Danfoss Burner Scanner app let you scan error codes on the burner control and guides to a solution on the spot.
Use your smartphone camera to scan the blinking error indicator for immediately troubleshooting and get help to fix the problem.

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