Clarification: Non-genuine packed Danfoss nozzles carry a risk of contamination which could result in system failures

Monday, March 01, 2021

– recommendation to be returned to the wholesaler/distributor

We would like to notify you about a potential quality issue. Installers in the UK have tweeted pictures of nozzles without the Danfoss-branded green cap and questioning and creating doubt whether these come from Danfoss.

Danfoss has not supplied nozzles in these capsules with transparent caps and we do not know if the nozzles contained in these capsules are original nozzles manufactured by Danfoss or potential counterfeit products. Even in case the nozzles are original nozzles manufactured by Danfoss there is an increased quality risk due to possible contamination risk to the nozzles during the repackaging process.

Danfoss does not accept responsibility for any malfunction, defects or damages caused by contamination of the nozzles due to incorrect handling or for any counterfeit products. Danfoss therefore recommends that you do not use these nozzles supplied in unoriginal packaging. We recommend that you return them to the supplier of these nozzles immediately.

Following the potential quality issue notified about last week we feel it is necessary to re-state the importance of not using nozzles in non-genuine Danfoss packaging of potential quality risk reasons. It is Danfoss’ obligation not to place products on the market where we cannot rely on the safety or the quality of the product.

Until now no faulty issues have been reported and the nozzles seem fit for purpose but since we are not 100% sure that these nozzles are manufactured by Danfoss and/or have been re-packed with a certain related contamination risk we recommend that you return them to your supplier in the UK immediately.

We are taking preventive actions because our Danfoss-branded nozzles have never caused any accidents or injuries if handled correctly and we see it as our obligation to warn our valued customers of potential quality issues which may have been caused by third parties repackaging the nozzles.

According to our safety guidelines: The Danfoss nozzles (in this case kerosene) must stay in the package and be placed in the field by a locally recognized agreed engineer/installer or a nationally approved engineer/installer. In case they are not manufactured by Danfoss, there could be a potential risk of use. Consequently, we recommend you to check your stock and as appropriate return these nozzles to your local wholesaler/distributor.

Furthermore, we are not under any legal obligation if these nozzles were to fail. As your reliable business partner we will continue to pursue strong action when confronted with suspect products as in this case where the re-packing does not seem to have been handled correctly.

Burner Nozzles Genuine

This first picture above shows the genuine Danfoss kerosene nozzles with the green cap.

Burner Nozzles Genuine Vs Fake

This second picture shows the genuine green Danfoss caps (left) and an example of the re-packed suspect nozzles with the transparent cap (right).

Burner Nozzles Fake

The third picture also shows a re-packed variant. There are no planned changes to the green cap of Danfoss.

We look forward to continuing our excellent collaboration with you. And we'd be happy to address any questions so please feel free to reach out to one of the Danfoss representatives below:

Mark McElroy, Key Account Manager:   

Stephen McElroy, Key Account Manager: