Go electronic: Top-performing digital radiator thermostats take energy efficiency to the next level

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why not go all the way in your next green renovation project? Venturing into smart technologies can offer major energy reductions in a household and bring your customers’ homes into the 21st century of intelligent heating. Learn about how you can offer digital optimisation of existing heating systems with this advanced technology for radiator control.



Meet the future of radiator control

Electronic radiator thermostats are here to pave the way for future homes packed with energy intelligent technology. Besides sporting a record-breaking 1 min reaction time on temperature changes, they come with an App for remote control. You can also program schedules, so the heating adjusts automatically to the rhythm of the household, for example by lowering the temperature when you are at work or sleeping.

Optimising the heating to follow the rhythm of the household could offer up to 30% energy savings. It’s an easy CO2-reduction just waiting to be tapped into by homeowners all around the world. Furthermore, electronic radiator thermostats offer, programming, open-window detection and much more integration with homes that can save energy and increase comfort. Learn more about all the features.

Check out this short video below on some of the main benefits of the electronic radiator thermostats.

How Do Electronic Thermostats Work
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How do electronic radiator thermostats work?

30 Procent Energy Savings With Danfoss Eco

However, many heating professionals do not feel 100% comfortable selling this type of product yet, because of all the questions on use and technology homeowners may have. Don’t worry, we know you are not an IT specialist! We have tried to make it easier for you to recommend this product for households wanting to enter the 21st century and take full opportunity of the new digital options for smart heating.

Improved comfort with smart algorithms

Electronic thermostats like the Danfoss Eco™, also comes with algorithms that adjusts for perfect control without you having to do a single pre-setting calculation or manual adjustment of the radiator valves. The control of water flow in the radiator system happens automatically, as the Danfoss Eco™ senses both the temperature of the water in the pipes and the air temperature in the room. Knowing these two data points, it can adjust the flow of water of the valve very precisely according to the temperature setting.

The super-fast reaction time of 1 minute alerts the Danfoss Eco™ within 60 seconds on temperature changes, which allows it to quickly adjust for small imbalances before they become big noticeable temperature drops. This process also ensures outstanding comfort for homeowners, as the Danfoss Eco™ will feel and adjust for the smallest temperature fluctuations, often before the homeowner notices a difference in comfort. The result is homes in a constantly perfect temperature balance and reduced energy consumption.

The electronic thermostats run on batteries that will last for around 2 years under normal use conditions.