Behind the Danfoss RA2000™ thermostat – a longstanding technology more relevant than ever

Thursday, August 27, 2020

75 years old and still as good as new. Our thermostats are designed to last a lifetime. The legacy of the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) still lives on to this day. A technology almost a century old, but still as relevant today as ever. Learn more about the history of the classic Danfoss RA2000™.

You may have seen very old Danfoss thermostats still working solidly even though time has clearly gone by. This is a result of heavy engineering efforts and passion for quality since the 1940s, where things were designed to last. We have protected that vision ever since.

The flagship product, the Danfoss RA2000™ gas-filled thermostat, was invented in 1943 and developed and refined over the decades, and it still sets the standard on reaction time and durability today. The Danfoss RA2000™ is the world’s only thermostat with the unique gas bellow. This difficult technology that took our engineers years to hone is still unique to the Danfoss brand and has never been successfully copied by any other brand.

Still an original, so you can trust the quality

We are the only manufacturer of thermostats which produces our own bellows. Being in full production control of this vital component is very important to ensure the high quality we deliver to you. That is why the gas-filling mix is customised uniquely for each Danfoss RA2000™ thermostat to make sure every single thermostat of the millions produced each year, lives up to its full potential.

We care about the quality that goes into your hands as a heating professional. Reputation and craftsmanship is key. Nothing is more frustrating than faulty products. We have tried our very best to eliminate that risk by making sure that our factory producing RA2000™ thermostats, is audited according to the very strict Automotive Quality Management System IATF 16949.

Learn more about the legacy of the thermostatic radiator valve from our Chairman of the Board, Jørgen Mads Clausen.

TRV Jørgen Mads Clausen Legacy Video
Meet our chairman

The legacy of the thermostatic radiator valve by Danfoss

This small product has great potential to make a big impact in the way we heat our homes. There is a tremendous amount of energy saving potential waiting to be untapped by upgrading radiator controls. Heating professionals have an exciting role of bringing these opportunities to life by communicating and recommending what products and technologies make a real difference in saving energy.

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