Danfoss Ally™

Danfoss Ally™ is Danfoss’ new front runner in smart heating solutions. Danfoss Ally™ is cloud based and you get full control of your radiator and hydronic floor heating from anywhere. With everything in control you are secured convenience and a perfect indoor climate.​

The Danfoss Ally™ product offering includes:​

  • Danfoss Ally™ Gateway ​
  • Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostats​
  • Integration with Danfoss Icon™ intelligent control for your hydronic floor heating ​
  • Everything is controlled from the Danfoss Ally™ App, available from App Store and Google Play.​

Danfoss Ally is your perfect match whether your home is heated with radiators, hydronic floor heating or a combination of both.

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Our most popular product codes

Actuator type
Adapter type
Ambient temperature [°C] [Max]
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min]
Ball pressure test temperature [°C]
Battery lifetime [Years]
Cable length [m]
Cable type
Display type
Heating control type
Height [mm]
Length [mm]
Low battery indicator
Noise level Heat dB(A) JIS C 9612
Open-window function
Output voltage [V] DC
Pollution degree
Power consumption (standby) [mW]
Power consumption (standby) [W]
Power consumption [W]
Safety classification
Software class
Spindle movement
Storage temperature [°C] [Max]
Storage temperature [°C] [Min]
Supply batteries
Supply voltage [V] AC [Max]
Supply voltage [V] AC [Min]
Supply voltage frequency [Hz]
System integration
Temperature measurement interval
Temperature setting range [°C] [Max]
Temperature setting range [°C] [Min]
Thermostat IP Class
Transmission [m] [Max]
Transmission frequency [GHz]
Transmission power [mW] [Max]
Transport temperature [°C] [Max]
Transport temperature [°C] [Min]
Voice assistant compatibility
Water temperature [°C] [Max]
Width [mm]
Wireless standard
Danfoss Ally Gateway 014G2400
55 °C
-10 °C
Radiators, water-based floor h
CE; IEEE; Zigbee
1.00 m
3 wire
Control thermostat
95 mm
95 mm
5 V
2.0 W
5.0 W
60 °C
-20 °C
240 V
110 V
50 Hz
Danfoss Ally™
35 °C
5 °C
30 m
2.4 GHz
79.00 mW
60 °C
-20 °C
Amazon Alexa; Apple Assistant;
23.00 mm
Danfoss Ally Radiator Thermostat EU B2B 014G2420
M30; RA
40 °C
0 °C
Residential (pollution degree
Zigbee; CE; EAC
75 °C
2 yr
LCD with backlight
Radiator thermostat
3.0 mW
1.2 W
Type 1
Linear, up to 4.5 mm, max. 2 m
2 x 1,5 V AA-Alkaline batterie
Danfoss Ally™
1 min
35 °C
5 °C
2.4 GHz
90 °C