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Wednesday, October 06, 2021
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Reduce complexity with the all-in-one digital toolbox —for every heating installer

We know your job is tough and you are working on a tight schedule. Therefore, we have developed the Danfoss Installer App, a tool engineered to assist you with your everyday needs regardless of the size of your installation projects.

Providing you with installation guides, digital tools, and product information, the Installer App makes your job easier. By offering you quick calculations of radiator presetting, hydronic balancing, and much more, you are always well equipped to get the job done.

Check out the latest update:

Now, the Installer app comes with improved product search functionalities, personalization, and an updated interface—making the in-app experience more seamless than ever.


Installer app includes 9 useful heating tools and features:

  • Installed on your mobile phone and instantly accessible
  • Great tools you need in one place – with the list being constantly expanded
  • Open for your suggestions – use the app's feedback form
Danfoss App Walktrough Projects Radiator Heating Youtube Thumbnails 1280X720px V

You can now find in-depth walkthrough videos of the Danfoss Installer App heating tools and its features.

Whether it’s to set proper values based on valve, sensor, and radiator type or get the pre-setting for every circuit right every time. You can learn it all, and more by watching these in-depth Installer App tool walkthrough videos.

Check it out now: Danfoss Installer App | Projects Tool - Radiator Heating - YouTube

Tools & elements

Installer App Web 1120X747 Projects

My projects

Create a list of your clients & jobs, save contact and building information, calculate system properties, and preset for radiator and underfloor heating. Save all information for easy overview and fast access.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Radiator Presetting

Radiator Presetting tool

Set proper values based on valve, sensor, and radiator type. Or set proper values by room size and heat loss. Get the heat emission, flow and presetting right every time.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Flow Pressure

Flow/Pressure calculator tool

Calculate, convert or verify pressure, flow, power, and temperature (values or units).

Installer App Web 1120X747 Timer Replacement

Timer Replacement tool

Select the appropriate timer replacement for a Danfoss or third-party unit. Installation guides are available as well.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Hydronic Balancing

Hydronic Balancing tool

Ensure correct system heat output with flow calculation; based on valve type, handle setting of the valve, and measured pressure.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Floor Heating Presetting

Floor Heating Tool

Get the pre-setting for every circuit right every time. Specifying circuit lengths, calculate presetting for your floor heating manifolds. Select floor heating pipe type and dimension, define heat loss, and divide rooms into circuits.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Burner Scanner

Burner Scanner tool

Scan, diagnose, and troubleshoot. With the Burner Scanner Tool, you can quickly scan error codes on your burner control box to get instant help and information.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Burner Converter

Burner Converter tool

Change burner components and find spare parts in a matter of seconds.
With the Burner Converter tool, you get an overview of product updates and alternatives.

Installer App Web 1120X747 Product Finder

Product Finder tool

Search and Find product information, documentation, and details. With the Product Finder tool it’s easy to find and download documentation for Danfoss products—directly inside the app.