Floor heating never looked this good

Monday, July 15, 2019

Digitalization is coming for floor heating. That does not have to be as complicated as it sounds. The Danfoss Icon™ system mixes top-end sensitive screen design with easier-than-ever installation. Good for your customer, good for you.


Something to wow the picky customer

Do you have design-sensitive customers looking for floor heating solutions from the top-shelf? Look no further. At the beginning of 2017 we introduced Danfoss Icon™, a series of trendsetting 230 volt room thermostats for water based underfloor heating and other applications with actuators. Now, Danfoss Icon™ is complete with a solution for all your floor heating and floor cooling control requirements.

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Floor heating never looked this good

Pick a system, customize features 

The extended Danfoss Icon™ product range is split into three systems: 230 volt, 24 volt and wireless. The systems consist of different models and versions of room thermostats, Master Controllers and additional accessories. The Danfoss Icon™ family now also offers advanced 24 volt and wireless systems that share the same Master Controller. By connecting the optional Radio Module to the Master Controller, the 24 volt system can be turned into a (full or partial) wireless system. Also later on in time, e.g. as a solution for house renovations. Different 24 volt and wireless room thermostats are available. You can read about it in more detail below.

Danfoss Icon Designed To Blend Into Any Interior 1120X747 Crop
Danfoss Icon™room controls blends in perfectly

"Do you have something that blends in?"

The most noticeable aspect of the Danfoss Icon™ room controls is that they are actually, hardly noticeable. The controls are designed to blend in with the interior of any room. When not in use, the touchscreen display will fade out. Because of the neutral white color background, it looks exactly like a light switch that blends in with any interior and existing switch frames. The frame from the in-wall mount room control can be exchanged with a compatible switch frame from well-known manufacturers such as Bush-Jaeger, Gira, Merten and Legrand. Your customers have full freedom to match the design of their room control with their light switches and power sockets.

Easy installation with auto-balancing

Sleek design is good, but not worth much if the installation is complicated and time heavy. We have made your life a little easier with auto-balancing available for 24V systems only. Don't worry about calculating the right flow for all the circuits, the Icon system takes care of it. The only thing you need to do, is to install and connect the system then it balances all circuits to perfection. That means you will not get call backs from customers complaining on rooms being too hot or cold. Smart algorithms make sure that the flow is always following the actual demand in the room. This also makes for a more energy efficient floor heating system that uses the water flow more intelligently.

230 volt Master Controllers

The Master Controllers are the heart of all floor heating and cooling control systems. For 230 volt systems there is a choice between a ‘Basic’ and ‘Featured’ model. Both 8 channel Master Controllers provide all the required features such as boiler relay and pump relay. The ‘Featured’ version, also contains global away input and manual cooling option.

24 volt Master Controllers and optional Modules

The 24 volt models, 10 or 15 channel Master Controllers are designed with a modular approach. They offer advanced features such as automatic balancing, Powerline communication, control of different heat emitters in the same room and an extended commissioning test – all offered as standard features. Once equipped with the optional Expansion Module they offer even more advanced features such as cooling control, pre-defined application settings and demand based supply temperature. The 24V system uses 2 wires powerline communication which makes installation simple and hassle free. Using just 2 wires also make the 24V system a perfect solution for replacing your existing wired floor heating system.

Facts about Danfoss Icon™

• One common platform to control floor heating and floor cooling applications
• Three main systems; 230 volt, 24 volt, wireless
• Modern Danish design, the room controls look like a light switch to blend in with any interior
• The frames of in-wall room thermostats can be exchanged with compatible light switch frames
• 24 volt Master Controllers can be expanded with separate modules
• Optional modules available; Expansion Module for additional technical features, Radio Module for wireless operation and App Module to allow system access on mobile devices and scheduling for additional energy savings
• Unique features such as auto-balancing, demand-based supply temperature, control of different heat emitters in one room and extended commissioning test

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